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122 mm rounds with VHF jamming transmistter

122 mm изстрел за радиосмущения в УКВ честотния диапазон

VPS-5L, VPS-6L, PS-463L rounds are designed to create active barrage VHF radio jamming in the enemy tactical units. The rounds are used with 122mm gun- howitzer D-30, self- propelled howitzer 2C1 and howitzer M-30.

Technical specification
Range of fire systems - D-30 and 2С1  
min 3000 m
max 14 500 m
Range of fire system- М-30  
min 3000 m
max 10 500 m
Accuracy of hits  
Length Bg, not less than 150 m
Side Bc, not less than 75 m
Radius of action, at least 700 m
Continuous operation time (hours) not less than 1
Frequency band  20...100 MHz
Operating temperature range -40С...+50С
Storage 10 years
Field Conditions 3 years