SPM100 and SPM-100А

Bomb flare SPM-100A


Bomb flare SPM-100A is intended for simulating of aerial target. It was developed from Flare Parachute Target SPM-100.

The reflector system was removed from the original SPM-100, but dimensions of torch system are enlarged.

This change in structure with using of new illuminating composition leads to substantial increase of glow force system from 900 000 cd to 2 000 000 cd.

The target SPM-100A can be striked down with missiles equipped with radiolocation guidance system or system for aiming within infrared radiation range.

Bomb dropping of SPM-100A can be performed with any kind of aircrafts Russian production like MiG, Su and their modifications in other counties.

Technical maintenance and using of the target SPM-100A is completely identical to this of target SPM-100.

Flare bomb SPM-100A can be used also as illuminating bomb.

Technical specifications

Body diameter 280 mm
Stabilizer range 345 mm
Target length 1090 mm
Weight net/gross 80/110 kg
Main parachute area 36 m2
Minimum glow force system 2 000 000 cd
Combustion time of illuminator  
-on the ground 6 min
-at altitude 4 000 m - 7 000 m 7-8 minutes
-at altitude 7 000 m - 10 000 m 8-9 minutes
Maximum permissible altitude of bomb falling 10 000 m
Maximum speed of bomb falling (IAS) 550 km/h
Maximum overload 5 g (49 m/s2)
Time to set in operating position, from the moment of detonation of the fuze 9 s
Characteristics time 23.1 s

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