Hunting weapons

Hunting rifle "Mazalat" caliber 7,62x54 R


Hunting rifle was developed from Russian carabine "Mosin-Nagant" 1938-1944. It is designed for selective hunting of big game and medium game.

The carabine simple and reliable structure allows its easier use at any weather conditions at any time of the year. Laterally attached optic to the barrel allows simultaneously use of mechanical devices.


  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting rifle

The rifle is offered with chromed barrel or non-chromed barrel provided with optical or non-optical sight.

There are availible three Optic sight:

  1. Ukrainian 3...9 x 42
  2. Czech optic "FOMEI" - 2.5 ... 10 x 50
  3. Czech optic "FOMEI'' - 1 ... 4 x 24

The manufacturer offers optical sight rings with sizes: Ø25.4 mm and Ø30 mm. Carabines are made with safety-bolt blocking the breech-block from self-opening before firing.

The buttstock - "Monte Carlo" is made of high quality walnut wood. The manufacturer do the barrel change - chrome plated or non-chromed plated.

The service also includes:

  • Complete prophylaxis of the weapon: a check of trigger and feed mechanism;
  • In case of need - replacement of individual elements; cleaning the breech-block;
  • Oxidation of the barrel;
  • Test of the gun - checking the grouping of the firing;
  • Function check;
  • Bringing to normal combat with optical sight and mechanical measuring instruments.

Technical specifications

  Chromed barrel Made in Czech Non-chromed Barrel Belgian "Browning"
Caliber, mm 7,62x54 R 7,62x54 R
Barrel lenght, mm 640 590
Carbine lenght, mm 1160 1110
Carabine length without optic sight, kg 4.0 3.700
Mounting mass (console, kit) 0.210   
Magazine capacity, cartridges number 3+1 in the barrel 3+1 in the barrel
Optic assembly, diameter, mm Ø25,4; Ø30 Ø25,4; Ø30

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