Hunting and stop-cartridges

Stop-cartridges - 9x18 "Makarov" and 9x19 "Para"

Stop cartridges are designed for firing with self-loading pistol either indoors (houses, offices, public transport) or outdoors, where the possibility of affecting bystanders is present.

The bullet has strong effect, slow breakthrough and shortened distance.

Technical specifications

Caliber, mm 9х18 9х19
Cartridge weight, g 7,2 9,5
Bullet weight, g 2,7…2,8 2,7…2,8
Initial velocity, m/s 350±10 400±10
Muzzle energy of the bullet  /Е1/, J 116 220
Effective distance shooting, m  till 20 till 25
Recommended minimal distance shooting, m 11 13
Dangerous distance with decreasing possibility for deadly effect or permanent injuries, m till 11 till 13

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